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On our site u can find a comperison of Transformers and we show u where u can buy Transformers online 2017 for the best price. Also we show u what is the best Transformers in 2o17.

Bestseller No. 1
DEOK 8A/100W 5-40V to 1.25-36V DC Buck Volt Converter Step Down 12V Car Power Supply Voltage Regulator
  • Superdense and reinforced aluminum radiator allows lower and more stable operating temperature.
  • There is LED indicator in the module, making the operating status of this board clear.
  • It has the TVS diode to prevent voltage surge from breaking the chip down, hence allowing safer module operation.
  • Four screw holes in the board enable you to mount the module more conveniently and easier.
Bestseller No. 2
JZK® 24V / 12V To 5V 5A Power Buck Module DC-DC Step Down Power Supply Converter with LED
  • With synchronous rectification scheme, wide range voltage, large current
  • With fast charge recognition chip, high efficiency
  • With USB port, DC plug and connecting terminals, easy to use
  • Compatible with both Android and IOS systems. So it can charge many Android and IOS devices, like Iphone, Ipad, Samsung cell phone, HTC cell phone, Huawei cell phone etc.
  • WIth independent anti-static packag, it's protected well.
Bestseller No. 3
HiLetgo LM2596 Step Down Module DC-DC Buck Converter Power Supply Output 1.23V-30V
  • LM2596 Step Down Module
  • Power Supply Output 1.23V-30V
  • Apply to MB102 breadboard
  • Output voltage: 3.3V/5V can switch over
Bestseller No. 4
HiLetgo LM2596S-ADJ Power Module DC-DC Buck Regulator 3A Adjustable 5V/12V/24V
  • HiLetgo LM2596S-ADJ Power Module
  • This module uses machine placement, reflow soldering
  • DC 3.2V-40V (input voltage output voltage must be higher than 1.5V or more
  • Long working hours is recommended for use in less than 2.5A current
  • Modules indicated above IN-, IN + , OUT-, OUT +
Bestseller No. 5
HiLetgo 5pcs DC-DC step-up module (0.9V ~ 5V) step-up circuit board 5V 600MA USB Charger for MP3/MP4 Phone Power Boost
  • 1. Ultra-compact PFM control onboard DC / DC boost controller chip
  • 2. Any input 0.9V ~ 5V DC voltage 5V DC output voltage can be stable
  • 3. Onboard USB female, can be powered directly to the USB interface device
  • 4. The onboard input voltage indicator
  • 5. PCB size: 34 (mm) x16.2 (mm)
Bestseller No. 6
HiLetgo 12V To 5V DC-DC Step Down Power Module DC Power Converter Voltage Adjustable
  • Output voltage: 3.3V, 5V.6V 7.5V, 9V
  • Conversion efficiency: 96%
  • Static power consumption: only 12mA
  • Working temperature: industrial grade -25+65 °
Bestseller No. 7
HiLetgo DC-DC LM2596 Step Down Power Module Adjustable With Voltage Meter Display FREE Studs
  • 1. Adjustable output voltage range of 1.25V ~ 37V
  • 2. Maximum output current up to 3A
  • 3. With power indicator light
  • 4. Free four sets of fixed copper holder and screws.
  • 9. With overheat protection and short circuit protection
Bestseller No. 8
HiLetgo Boost Voltage Board 5V to 12V Electronic Production Suite Boost Voltage DIY
  • HiLetgo Step-up Module DIY Kit Boost Module
  • Kit Model: BOC-512
  • Input voltage :4.5-5V
  • Output voltage: 11.7V
  • Output Current: 60mA
Bestseller No. 9
HiLetgo Step Down Power Module DC-DC 3A Adjustable Step Down LM2596 Ultra-Small Size
  • HiLetgo Step Down Power Module
  • Input Voltage: 4.5V ~ 28V
  • Output voltage: 0.8V ~ 20V
  • Output Current: 3A (Max)
  • Conversion efficiency: 92% (maximum)
Bestseller No. 10
sourcingmap 220V 50Hz Single Phase EI Core Power Transformer 12V 5W Output w Cable
  • Product Name : EI Power Transformer;Input : 220V, 50Hz
  • Output : 12V 5W;Structure Style : Single Phase
  • Material : Metal, Magnet, Electric Parts;Mounting Hole Center Spacing : 55 mm / 2.2"
  • Main Body Size : 40 x 35 x 22 mm / 1.57" x 1.3" x 0.86" (L*W*H);Cable Length : 15 cm / 5.9"
  • Net Weight : 217g;Package Content : 1 x EI Power Transformer

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