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On our site u can find a comperison of Sandbags and we show u where u can buy Sandbags online 2017 for the best price. Also we show u what is the best Sandbags in 2o17.

Bestseller No. 1
Power Cloth/Sand FILLED Bag Boxing MMA Training Fitness 5-60kg (Black)
  • Power bag Standard size 2ft lenght 9inch wide,Core strengh training.Great versatility for a more complex range of exercises
  • Perfectly desinged to train stability, core strength & balance.Widely used in training programs
  • Unique design ideal for home & commercial markets.Filled with Sand Or Cloth pieces
  • comes filled on your choice weight .Available weigth up-to 40kg find in other listing
  • Instruction for filling Inner filling kit not including. For filling the bag simply use home bin bag for your required amount of sand to fill them and put some cut pieces of cloths / fabrics in the bottom and top of the bag and close the zip. The Bag would then be ready to use.
Bestseller No. 2
Onex Power/Cloth Sandbag Weight Lifting Boxing Training Handles Workout MMA Fitness Sand Bag 5-25Kg(Free Gift Skipping Rope)
  • • Made of High Quality Synthetic Leather
  • • 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg Heavy Filled Power Bag
  • • More sand can be added into bags
  • • Strong Handles Heavy Duty stitching
  • • Comes in a various colours combination • Heavy Bags also available (Please contact us for heavy weights e.g 25KG, 30KG, 35KG)
Bestseller No. 3
RDX Sandbag Weight Power Training Filled Fitness Bag Crossfit Exercise Running Workout
  • Perfect alternative of medicine ball, Dumbbells or Barbells
  • Recommended for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Ideal gear for muscles building, fat burns and utmost agility
  • Zipper enclosure for instant weight adjustment
  • Featured with both top and side handles for extra utility
Bestseller No. 4
TNP Accessories® Sandbag Weight Lifting Powerbag Training Filled Fitness Bag Crossfit Exercise Running Workout MMA
  • Perfect Alternative of Medicine Ball, Dumbbells or Barbells
  • Heavy Duty Design - Designed For Commercial / Professional Use
  • Ideal Gear For Muscles Building, Fat Burns and Utmost Agility
  • Featured With Both Top And Side Handles For Extra Utility
  • Extremely Strong Handles With Easy Grips
Bestseller No. 5
Escape Fitness Core Bag - Multi-Colour
  • Core bags - Now comes action in your weight training.
  • Core bag training is claimed by the stabilising muscles to a great extent as compared to the traditional workout with weights
  • Available in weight classes of 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25 kg.
Bestseller No. 6
Workout Gym Exercise Fitness Strength Trainer Weight Lifting OM Shingle Sand Bag
  • Workout Gym Exercise Fitness Strength Trainer Weight Lifting OM Shingle Sand Bag
  • OM Shingle “Sand” Bag Blue, Purple & Burgundy Separately
  • For 2016 we have revised the filling in our yoga sand bags to use marble pea shingle. The new filling conforms better to your body shape, whilst it has added the benefit of not feeling so cold or damp as sand can feel in winter! OM Shingle "sand" bags can be used to deepend yoga postures and to ehance stretches
  • Filled with shingle for even weight distribution. The outer cotton cover is soft, offering good grip on the skin and the inner nylon cover is durable and leak free. Complete with embroidered OM and a sturdy carry handle
  • Product details: Dimensions: 42cm x 18cm Weight: 5kg Material: Outer cotton cover. Inner lining nylon. Marble pea shingle filling
Bestseller No. 7
New Onex Power Cloth/Sand FILLED Bag Boxing MMA Training Fitness Weighted Exercise Running Workout 5-25kg (Blue)
  • Core strength training. Great versatility for a more complex range of exercises.
  • Perfectly designed to train stability, core strength & balance. Widely used in training programs.
  • Ideal gear for muscles building, fat burns and utmost agility.
  • comes filled on your choice weight. • Unique design ideal for home & commercial markets.
  • Zipper enclosure for instant weight adjustment. • Featured with both top and side handles for extra utility. • NOTE: THIS ITEM CAN'T DELIVER TO JERSEY.
Bestseller No. 8
HealthAndYoga(TM) Yoga Sand Bags | Double Bag with Inner Waterproof Bag| Prop for adding Weight and Support (Purple)
  • Highly durable, Superior quality - Outer bag made of heavy duty cotton and zippered with handles.
  • Inner bag lightweight, zippered and made of leakproof and waterproof PVC - ideal for inner filling
  • Sturdy carrying handles with reinforced stitching on outer bag allow for modified use
  • Regulate the amount of sand in bag as per need for ideal support or weight
  • Size of outer bag (choice of 3 colors) is 42cmX18cm and inner bag (black) is approx. 41cmX18 cm
Bestseller No. 9
DWE 10 Pcs Sleep Eye Mask ,Sleep Rest Sleeping Aid Mask Eye Shade Cover Travel Sleep Cover With Nose Pad
  • Soft and comfortable material: Polyester + non-woven + cotton + sponge; Soft surface make you feel more comfortable; It is also washable
  • Nose pad design: with unique nose pad design, which can blocking more light; Equipped with 2 pieces elastic bands, the blindfold will never slip off when you sleep soundly
  • Application: suitable for travel, game, party, meeting, break, sleep and so on; It also good for computer users, students, the elderly and office workers with heavy pressure
  • 10 Pack sleep masks: this eye mask can relieve eye nerve and vascular pressure, help to eliminate fatigue, improve sleep environment; Lightweight and portable, convenient to carry, you can take it to anywhere
  • Individual packing convenient to storage: each pack has a individual packing, so you can be easy to store it, and keep them from dust more effectively
Bestseller No. 10
FXR Sports Premium Design Commercial Professional Power Bags With Super Grip Handles (5-25kg)
  • Ideal for improving fitness levels, toning/shaping up and improving strength
  • Heavy duty design - designed for commercial/professional use
  • Will survive the toughest of workouts
  • Extremely strong handles with easy grips
  • Don't be fooled by cheap power bags on the market which will fall apart or burst after one use. The FXR Sports premium power bag has been designed for professional & commercial use

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