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On our site u can find a comperison of Mounted Points and we show u where u can buy Mounted Points online 2017 for the best price. Also we show u what is the best Mounted Points in 2o17.

Bestseller No. 1
ZFE Carving Expert Stone Set Polishing Rotary Tool Diamond Burr Accessories F Dremel
  • Grinding burr: cylindrical shape: 3x6mm, 3x8mm, each 5pcs;
  • cycloidal shape: 3x6mm,3x8mm, each 2pcs.
  • Diamond Disk: 20mm 2pcs; 30mm 2pcs, with 2pcs connecting rods.
  • T shape E needle burr: 3x6mm, 4pcs;
Bestseller No. 2
sourcingmap® 40mm Dia Cylinder Shape Polishing Buffing Buffer Pad Wheel White
  • Main Material: Cloth, Metal; Package Content: 1 x Polishing Wheel
  • Product Name: Polishing Wheel; Weight: 46g
  • Main Color: White, Silver Tone; Wheel Size: 40 x 35mm/1.6" x 1.4"(D*T)
  • Total Length: 67mm/2.6"
  • Round Shank Size: 6 x 14mm/ 1/4" x 0.55"(D*L)
Bestseller No. 3
Stone Carving Set Polishing Rotary Tools Diamond Burr Accessories for Gambling/ Betting Stone, Jewelry, Glass, Stone, Ceramic-fit Dremel Rotary Tools
  • With a approx.1/8" shank - compatible with most Dremel universal power rotary tools.
  • Assortment of shapes and sizes include: impeller,rounded cylinder,cylinder,tapered & needle
  • Highly recommended for carving and cutting stones, rocks and mortar, DIY engraving hobbies, craft modeling, home repair (wood, some plastic and dogs' nails)etc.
  • Package:44pcs with plastic box
  • Sold by Carving Expert, our honor to serve for you, buy with confidence
Bestseller No. 4
Sourcingmap a13081500ux0410 Mounted Points Jewellery Glass Polishing Bits Felt Bob (12 Pieces)
  • Product Name : Mounted Points;Felt Head Size : 7 x 18mm / 0.28inch x 0.7inch (D*L)
  • Shank Diameter : 2.3mm / 0.09inch;Total Length : 45mm / 1.8inch
  • Material : Wool Felt, Metal;Color : Beige, Silver Tone
  • Weight : 23g
  • Package Content : 12 x Mounted Points
Bestseller No. 5
Bestseller No. 6
25mm x 10mm x 6mm T Head Wheel Grind Bit Polisher Mounted Point 10PCS
  • Product Name : Mounted Point;Material : Gravel, Abrasives, Metal
  • Color : Mauve, Silver Tone;Head Diameter : 25mm/63/64"
  • Head Thickness : 10mm/0.39";Shank Diameter : 6mm/15/64"
  • Total Length : 44mm/1.73";Weight : 75g
  • Package Content : 10 x Mounted Point
Bestseller No. 7
30 Pcs 2mm Dia Cylinder Head Diamond Bits Mounted Point Grinders
  • Product Name : Diamond Mounted Point;Tip Shape : Cylindrical Shape
  • Model : 8#;Material : Metal, Diamond
  • Shank Diameter(Each) : 3mm / 0.12";Each Length : 45mm / 1.77"
  • Tip Diameter : 2mm/ 0.078";Color : Silver Tone
  • Total Weight : 62g;Package Content : 30 x Diamond Mounted Point
Bestseller No. 8
ZFE 10pcs 5mm Rubber Grinding polishing Burr & Point For Dremel Rotary Tools
  • Material: Rubber
  • The shank diameter:1/8" ((3mm)
  • The rubber grinding head/Elastic sponge rubber grinding head
  • Suitable for the polishing of metal and non-metallic surface
Bestseller No. 9
sourcingmap® 3mm Shank 8mm Dia Cylinder Head Diamond Mounted Point 5 Pcs
  • Product Name : Diamond Mounted Point;Tip Shape : Cylinder
  • Material : Metal, Diamond Coated Head;Head Diameter : 8mm/ 0.3"
  • Head Length : 12mm/ 0.5";Shank Dia. : 3mm/ 0.12"
  • Total Length : 45mm/ 2";Color : Silver Tone
  • Weight : 32g;Package Content : 5 x Diamond Mounted Point
Bestseller No. 10
sourcingmap® Polishing Rotary Tool Cone Shaped Rubber Mounted Point Blue 10pcs
  • Head Size: 8 x 19mm/0.3" x 0.75"(D*L); Shank Size: 3 x 30mm/0.12" x 1.2"(D*L)
  • Product Name: Mounted Point; Main Material: Rubber,Metal
  • Weight: 39g; Package Content: 10 x Rubber Mounted Point
  • Main Color: Silver Tone,Blue; Total Length: 49mm/1.9"
  • Battery Included: No

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