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On our site u can find a comperison of Log Splitters and we show u where u can buy Log Splitters online 2017 for the best price. Also we show u what is the best Log Splitters in 2o17.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Viewee Lightweight Metal Detector with Waterproof Search Coil High Discrimination and LCD Display Designed for Juniors and Beginners
  • Lightweight Design:This lightweight designed metal detector consumes less energy than other metal detectors for consideration to kids aged from 6 to 14, providing a best chance to get kids out of door away from video games.
  • LCD Display and Waterproof Coil:LCD display shows the signs when you find metal, also alerts when battery is out of power. With waterproof search coil, Viewee metal detector can be used in shallow water to search lost coins or personal treasury.
  • Easy-to-use Operation:With easy-to-use operation, Viewee Metal Detector is tailor-made for inexperienced treasury finder, giving lots of details about how to adjust the stem and the search coil, install the battery.
  • Adjustable Length and Sensitivity: With its length extends from 27.5 inch to 35.4 inch, adjust the detector stem according to different situations. Roll over the switch forward to open until light turns red, then roll back a little bit to maximum sensitivity.
  • Quality Warranty:If there are any problems during the installation, please contact our customer service for installation and operation guidance. We will give you our best service-after-sale.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Forest Master FM10 5t Electric Duocut Log Splitter Complete Set
  • Forest Master FM10 electric duocut log splitter complete with duocut blade, stand, and ramstop
  • Duocut blade optimises splitting capacity by using two splitting blades rather than one producing similar results to a 10 Ton log splitter
  • Powerful 2200 watt motor, energy saving which doesn't use electricity when not in cycle
  • Fully adjustable cycle (with ramstop) to match log lengths for quick log splitting
  • Produces 5T force that splits logs with a Max Log Diameter of 500mm with Duocut blade
Bestseller No. 3
  • The blades split the log from both ends unlike a conventional splitter
  • Splits Logs With A Diameter Of Up To 500mm
  • Fully adjustable cycle (with ramstop) to match log lengths for quick log splitting
  • Powerful 2200 watt motor, energy saving which doesn't use electricity when not in cycle
  • For any further information please contact our UK customer helpline on 0191 2966966
Bestseller No. 4
FOX 6 Tonne Heavy Duty Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter Timber Wood Cutter Hardwood / Softwood With Wheels - 2 YEAR WARRANTY
  • There's no need for excessive exertion (apart from lifting the logs) with the Fox 6 Ton Log Splitter
  • Easy to use electrically powered machine will power through logs, hardwood and softwood
  • Cuts up to 520mm long & 250mm diameter using a 6 ton hydraulic self lubricating ram powered by a 2HP, 230V motor
  • Fitted with a unique safety operating system, for that extra peace of mind
  • With heavy duty wheels and a handle for added manoeuvrability
SaleBestseller No. 5
Sealey LS450H Horizontal Log Splitter Foot Operated
  • Quality Sealey Item
  • Warranty Included
  • Garage Tools
Bestseller No. 6
Lumberjack Log Splitter 4 Tonne Professional Level with Wheels
  • POWERFUL AND QUICKER - Powerful 4 ton hydraulic log splitter ram can split wood efficiently.
  • SAFER SPLITTING - Quick, quiet and highly safe operation. No need to swing a sharp axe.
  • SPLIT ANY WOOD - Able to split green and hard wood with ease. Use good quality wood for a better burn.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - Easy operation, automatic return, streamlined build and wheels for transportation when not in use.
  • MAINTENANCE FREE - Self lubricating hydraulic ram means minimal upkeep.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Logmaster Heavy Duty Steel Foot Operated Jack Log Splitter (Green)
  • Powerful; Powerful log splitter that will split wood efficiently
  • Safer splitting; Quick, quiet and highly safe operation, no need to swing a sharp axe
  • Easy to use; Easy operation, non-slip feet, streamlined build and height adjuster
  • Low maintenance; Lubricate parts with anti-rust machine oil
  • Guarantee; 12-month guarantee

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