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On our site u can find a comperison of Leg Sliders and we show u where u can buy Leg Sliders online 2017 for the best price. Also we show u what is the best Leg Sliders in 2o17.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Core Exercise Sliders - 2 Dual Sided Gliding Discs for Carpet and Hard Floors - Silver
  • SLIDE YOUR WAY TO A 6 PACK; our gliding discs give you an intense abdominal workout, strengthening your core to give you a chiseled physique
  • WORK OUT ON THE GO; our pair of gliding discs is compact and lightweight! You can easily fit them in a suitcase or carry-on, so you can work out right in your hotel room
  • GLIDE ON ANY SURFACE; our sliding discs are dual sided, so you can use them on carpet and on hardwood floors! You can do your workout anywhere in your home and see results
  • WATCH THE VIDEO; checkout our great how to video on the left side of this page under the images; make up your own great fun workouts from home or work
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRENTY; at Elite Sportz Equipment we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase: please contact us if you have any issue at all with the product and we will replace it immediately
Bestseller No. 2
Core Sliders by Beast Gear – Double Sided Gliding Discs for Abdominal Exercises - Carpet and Hard Floors
  • BUILD FUNCTIONAL CORE STRENGTH and 6 PACK ABS - Core sliders intensely work the deep abdominals to build a rock solid core for life. Sit ups are bad for your back. Fact. Get chiselled abs the functional way with core sliding discs.
  • WORKOUT ANYWHERE - Core Sliders are light, compact and easy to pack so you can train wherever you are. Target abs, legs, glutes, hamstrings or a full body workout.
  • GLIDE ON ANY SURFACE - Beast Gear Core Sliders are double sided, so you can use them on carpet and on hardwood floors! Workout at home and get results.
  • FOR ANYONE - Core sliding exercises supports back pain rehabilitation, but also builds the functional core strength required by elite athletes, for CrossFit and weightlifting. Great for interval training, circuit training, HIIT and fat loss!
  • FREE GUIDE - We'll throw in our comprehensive core training pdf guide with detailed analysis of real core training, exercises and a programming guide AND our Core Sliders are protected by our lifetime guarantee! Just click "Add to Basket"
SaleBestseller No. 4
INTEY Gliding Discs Sets of 4, Core Exercise Sliders for Strength and Stability, Core Slides Sets for Home and Gym Workout
  • ✔ TOTAL BODY WORKOUT- Looking to improve your 6 Packs, abdominal workout, strengthening your core, be ready for all the time.
  • ✔ DOUBLE SIDED DESIGN- Constructed with durable plastic and both side can be used for different type of surfaces. (Smooth side for Carpet - Fabric side for Hard Floors)
  • ✔ SIMPLE AND DAILY SPORT- Our gliding discs are easy to integrate into your existing routine like Yoga, Pilates, Aerobic, Strength Training, and Weight Training.
  • ✔ WHY DO WE PROVIDE AN EXTRA PAIR WORKOUT DISCS?- An extra pair core sliders exercise have straps that can fix your foot tightly. When you exercise with friends, if she or he wants to try the gliding discs, you can give him one pair.
  • ✔ COMPACT AND PORTABLE- INTEY gliding discs for exercise are so light and compact that you can pack them with it's own carry bag and take them wherever you travel.
Bestseller No. 5
Gliding Discs – 2 Dual Sided Exercise Sliders for Carpet or Hardwood Floors – Ideal for Core Training, Fitness, Aerobics, CrossFit, Full Body Strength and Conditioning
  • USE ON ANY SURFACE - The smooth sides are ideal for carpets, whereas the fabric sides are designed for use on hardwood, laminate or tiled
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE - Ideal to take with you to the gym, an exercise class or to use at home or when travelling. Workout anywhere - Wherever you may be, your gliding discs set can go with you!
  • IMPROVE CORE STRENGTH AND STABILITY - Use of gliding discs can help with improving core strength, range of motion and stability. Great for strength training, fitness, aerobics, dance training and yoga
  • INCREASE MOBILITY AND FLEXIBILITY - In addition to building core strength in the abdominal muscles, use of core gliders may help to improve your flexibility too. Improve your sporting performance, recover faster and feel better
  • INCLUDES EXERCISE GUIDE - To give you some suggested exercises for a great full body workout at home or at the gym. Not only are core sliders great for ab workouts, you can also use them under your hands or feet to thoroughly work multiple muscle groups throughout the body
Bestseller No. 6
Gliding Discs 2 Dual Sided Core Sliders by DIGIELE, Sliding Discs for Use on Carpet & Hardwood Floors, Exercise for Full Body Workout, CrossFit & Cross Training, Sliders Gym and Home Fitness Equipment
  • ☑ TOTAL BODY WORKOUT - Our gliding disc allow you to perform exercises that target every muscle group, particularly the core.
  • ☑ ALL SURFACES - Either at home or at the gym use our core sliders on any surface such as Wood, Carpet, Rug or Tile.
  • ☑ INCREDIBLE SLIDERS FOR EXERCISE: Gliding discs requires constant core stabilization which delivers an incredible core workout.
  • ☑ COMFORTABLE & DURABLE - Use these exercise gliding discs for sliders gym, core strengthening, athletic conditioning, CrossFit, physical therapy, yoga, dance, balance training and more.
  • ☑ AT HOME OR WHEREVER YOU GO - Small and lightweight, these core gliders fit into any travel bag, making them the ideal choice to make sure you're staying healthy even on that family vacation.
Bestseller No. 7
CampTeck 2x Dual Sided Gliding Discs Core Sliders for Home Fitness Workout, Abdominal & Full Body Exercises – For Use on Carpet & Hard Floors
  • Our fitness core sliders give you an intense abdominal and entire body workout and also help building core strength
  • The gliding discs core sliders are double sided and can use on any surface such as Wood, Carpet, Rug or Tile.
  • Made from durable & lightweight plastic. Discs are EVA foam on one side and hard plastic on the other.
  • Weighs only 190g making them fully portable and easy to use anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy to add into your existing routine like Yoga, Pilates, Aerobic, Strength Training, and Weight Training.

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