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On our site u can find a comperison of Infrared Thermometers and we show u where u can buy Infrared Thermometers online 2017 for the best price. Also we show u what is the best Infrared Thermometers in 2o17.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Tacklife IT-T02 Classic Non Contact Laser IR Infrared Thermometer -58℉~716℉ Digital Temperature Gun with Data Hold & Energy Conservation Battery Included - Yellow | Grey
  • CELSIUS OR FAHRENHEIT AVAILABLE - Temperature range: -50~380°C ( -58~716°F) that surpasses boiling points, response time: <500ms, 95% response, emissivity: 0.95(fixed), widely applicable for indoor and outdoor use, various hot surface, hard-to-reach objects without direct touch
  • LASER INFRARED THERMOMETER - Built-in laser ensures accurate and instant readings by aiming at the right spot with visual guidance and squeezing the trigger with ease, FDA, FCC, CE, ROHS approved
  • MULTIFUNCTION - Auto shut off after 7 seconds without any operation to save energy. Low battery indication reminds you to monitor battery power especially for outdoor activities. Backlight LCD selection allows you to work in the dimly lit areas
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - With a light weight of 115g, comfortable grip handle, buttons and the trigger are designed for one hand operation in Cooking & Baking, HVAC and Automotive Checking, Electrical Troubleshooting and more
  • WHAT YOU GET - 1 x Tacklife IT-T02 Laser Infrared Thermometer, 2 x 1.5V Batteries, 1 x User Manual, 24-Month Warranty, Risk Free Return within 30 Days
SaleBestseller No. 2
Tacklife IT-T05 Professional Laser IR Infrared Thermometer -58℉~1022℉ Non Contact Digital Temperature Gun with Dual Laser Visual Target, High/Low Temp Alarm, Adjustable Emissivity 0.1 to 1.0, Max/Min/Avg/Dif Measurements - Yellow | Grey
  • BETTER ACCURACY & EASIER OPERATION - Measures in Celsius or Fahrenheit with broad temperature range -50℃~550℃ (-58℉~1022℉). Response time is <500ms. Distance to spot ratio is 12:1. Adjustable emissivity from 0.1 to 1.0 ensures accurate and instant readings by scanning target surface and squeezing the trigger with ease
  • HIGH/LOW TEMP ALARM - Instantly finds out the temperature abnormality by setting the high or low limited value, MAX/MIN/AVG/DIF measurements and data hold function are conducive to HVAC and automotive analysis
  • SMART DUAL LASER TECHNOLOGY - Allows you to set the optimal distance, and get more accurate measurement by aiming at the right spot on the overlap point with dual visual guidance, FDA, FCC, CE, ROHS approved
  • VERSATILE FUNCTION - Auto shut off after 15 seconds with inactivity to conserve energy, low battery indication and battery monitoring remind you to replace the battery in time. Backlight LCD selection depends on the brightness of environment
  • WHAT YOU GET - 1 x Tacklife IT-T05 Professional Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer, 1 x 9V Battery, 1 x User Manual, 24-Month Warranty, Risk Free Return within 30 Days
SaleBestseller No. 3
Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non-contact Digital Laser IR Infrared Thermometer, -50°C - 380°C ( -58°F~716°F ), Instant Read Temperature Gun, Rubber Paint Technology, Yellow/Black
  • Versatile Design: Infrared Technology makes this thermometer handy to use when cooking and barbequing, performing auto maintenance, doing home repairs, and a host of other tasks; Measure from -58℉~ 716℉ / -50℃ ~ 380℃
  • Better Accuracy: The Distance to Spot Ratio is 12:1, meaning the Lasergrip 774 can accurately measure targets at greater distances compared to most other IR Thermometers.
  • Target Quicker: A built in Laser gives you the precision to hone in on the exact space you want to measure. Don't blindly guess where you're pointing your Infrared Thermometer.
  • Added Function: The LCD screen is backlit, also has an Auto-Off function to extend the battery life, and features a low battery indication so you never accidentally run out of juice (battery included)
  • FDA, FCC, CE, ROHS approved; 2-Year Warranty by Etekcity. Note: Temperature readings from this devices are inanimate objects. The measured temperature for humans or animals will not be correct.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Laser infrared Thermometer, Eventek Non-Contact Digital Laser IR Infrared Thermometer, Temperature Gun, -50°C ~ 380°C, Red/Black
  • Laser Thermometer safely measures temperatures from -50°C ~ 380°C/ -58°F ~ 716°F
  • Distance Spot Ratio: 12:1 Emissivity: 0.95(fixed) Response Time: <500ms Accuracy: ±1.5°C Temperature calibration range:-5°C~5°C
  • Auto Shut-off & Data Hold Function & Low Battery Indication & Backlight Display Selection
  • Built-in laser for precisely aiming, smart design without direct touch, indoor and outdoor use
  • Wide range of applications: hot water pipes, cooking surfaces, axle bearings, heating, air conditioning, food etc. 2-Year Warranty by Eventek !
Bestseller No. 5
Infrared Thermometer, RISEPRO Digital Dual Laser Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer (-58°F~1202°F/-50°C~650°C) Temperature Gun - Digital Surface IR Thermometer, Laser Sight, Data Hold, Large LCD Backlight
  • WIDE TEMPERATURE MEASURING RANGE - -50 °C ~650 °C(~58°F~1020°F).This Infrared Thermometer is a very useful for item for measuring surface of hot ,hazardous or hard to reach objects without having to touch them.
  • BETTER ACCURACY - High (D:S) Distance spot ratio 12:1 means you can accurately measure targets at greater distances.
  • BACKLIGHT & °C / °F SELECTABLE - No difficulties to use this device in the dark due to the LCD screen is backlit. Another added feature is you can switch either °C or °F in order to fit to your needs.
  • ENERGY CONSERVATION - Auto shut off after 7s with LOCK to disable , lasers can be turned on and off independently, Laser pointer allows you to aim at your measuring targets quickly and precisely.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATION: LURICO dual laser temperature gun Ideal for household use or industrial measurements, you can measure the surface temperature of food, pizza stones, oven walls, range tops, frying pans or fryer oil, grill, refrigerator and freezer; Inspect your cars cooling system, catalytic converter, brakes, and tires; Check the temperature of chicken coops, terrariums, and reptile enclosures. Or scan for insulation leaks in your home, check air conditioning, heating vents, pipes
Bestseller No. 6
Laser Infrared Thermometer, HOLDPEAK 981C Non-Contact Laser IR Temperature Gun Instant-read with 1 9V Batteries(Included) Emissivity 0.1-1.0(Adjustable) Range -50 to 550℃(-58 to 1022℉)
  • Temperature range: -50 ~ 550℃ (-58~1022℉); Accuracy: ±1.5% or ±1.5℃; Distance to Spot Size: 12:1 ; Emissivity: 0.1-1.0(Adjustable); Response Time: <500ms.
  • Optional Laser Target Pointer and Backlight ON/OFF, convenient to accurate targeting and operate in case of poor illumination; ℃/℉ button - switching the displayed temperature from Celsius degree to Fahrenheit degree as you need.
  • Extremely Handy, Consistent & Versatile for Instant Temp Readings in Work or Home Applications. You just need to aim at the target to measure the current temperature.
  • Powered by 1 x 9V batteries (Included);Auto Power Shut Off in 7 seconds without any operation ; Low electricity consumption.
  • Laser Infrared Thermometer Keep Your Hands Safe: This Amazingly Fast & Safe Way to Measure Temps Without Surface Contact.
SaleBestseller No. 7
TempIR Body Temperature Thermometer | Infrared for Baby Adult Child, Non-contact , High Accuracy Multi-Function Clinical Thermometers | For Surface Temperatures, Forehead, Body and Room | Ideal for Basal Temperature Readings | Stores 32 Last Temperatures taken | High Temperature Alarm | Easy to Use | This high quality no touch Thermometer allows you to take temperatures instantly. "Every Home and Workplace should have one"
  • ** SPECIAL PRICE AND RISK FREE ** The ONLY Non Contact Thermometer with a LIFETIME PRODUCT REPLACEMENT Guarantee.
  • EASY TO USE, HYGIENIC AND NON-INVASIVE: Backlit Digital Display Screen. Just Point and Click from 5cm away from side of the forehead without disturbing or touching the patient and avoiding cross contamination.
  • FAST AND RELIABLE: Advanced Infrared Detection System in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Auto power off after 30 seconds to preserve battery life thereby saving money. Longevity use (40,000 reading). 2 AAA batteries are included. Sound/Silent button WONT WAKE sleeping baby.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION TEMPERATURE GAUGE: Stores previous 32 temperatures. Audible alarm for high temperature. Also take surface, water, body and air temperatures.
  • PROFESSIONAL AND HOME USE: Used by Pediatricians and Health Care Specialists. FDA and CE approved and pediatrician recommended ***WANT MORE!!! THEN SEE THE NEW TEMPIR DUAL THERMOMETER- TAKES READINGS FROM THE EAR AND FOREHEAD***
SaleBestseller No. 8
IR Infrared Thermometer, Cateck Lasergrip 817 Dual Laser Non-contact Digital Infrared Thermometer -58℉~1202℉ (-50℃ to 650℃) with Adjustable Emissivity & MAX/MIN/DIF/AVG/HAL/LAL Display, Black
  • LARGE TEMPERATURE MEASURING RANGE: Down to -58°F (-50°C) and up to 1202℉ (650℃), it exceeds most infrared thermometer ranges and you can easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius without needing to remeasure
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL TOOL: Enable LOG function to store measurement up to 20 values; Thermometer with MAX/MIN/DIF/AVG/HAL/LAL temperatures reading track function and Very Fast Response Time: ≤150ms; The LCD screen is backlit, also has an Auto-Off function to extend the battery life, and features a low battery indicator so you never accidentally run out of juice (9V Battery included)
  • DUAL LASER POINTERS ensure high precision and indicate ideal measuring distance; ADJUSTABLE EMISSIVITY from 0.10 to 1.00 improves measurement accuracy across different surface types
  • BETTER ACCURACY: The Distance to Spot Ratio is 12:1, meaning the Lasergrip 817 can accurately measure targets at greater distances compared to most other IR Thermometers
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: Infrared Technology makes this thermometer handy for household use or industrial measurements, such as cooking and barbequing, car maintenance, real estate, fire-watch, electrical engineering, and a host of other tasks
SaleBestseller No. 9
Infrared Thermometer, LCD Non Contact Pyrometer Digital Temperature Gun with Dual Laser Visual Target, High/Low Temp Alarm, Adjustable Emissivity 0.1 to 1.0, Max/Min/Avg/Dif Measurements -58℉~2102℉ (-50°C-1150°C)
  • Range:-58℉~2102℉( -50~1150℃). Distance: Spot = 20: 1
  • Precise non-contact IR thermometer, safe and easy to use; Simply point to an object and read its temperature; Laser sight allows accurate targeting
  • Consist of optics, temperature sensor, signal amplifier, processing circuit and LCD display
  • Laser on/off switch, Auto power off & temperature data hold; 7 seconds auto power off; Celsius and Fahrenheit switchable
  • Suitable for: hot water pipes, hot engine parts, cooking surfaces, hot tubes insulation, electrical connection, ballasts in electric lights, electric motors, bearings, wine coolers hot asphalt, swimming pools, fish tanks, hot & cold food products, heating air conditioning, etc.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Infrared Thermometer Janisa AD6530B Laser Digital Non Contact IR Temperature Gun Color Display -58°F to 1472°F With 12 Point Aperture Temperature Alarm Function
  • RAPID & ACCURATE - measured within 0.5 second.Built-in 12 laser points developed by Janisa R & D team can be automatically locked D: S to 12: 1, compared to most of the thermometer on the market, AD6530B can be able to measure more farther distance and show you the measurement area of the objects directly.
  • COLOR DISPLAY - Large unique color screen is another Janisa's industry innovation which allows you to know the data at a glance.The Backlight function is noticeable in the dark.Auto-power off function actived after 25 seconds of none work. More practical function such as low battery indicator and Date hold.
  • WARNING REMIND - Can set the upper or low limit value for alarms.Find the temperature abnormality in real time and locate the fault quickly. Measures in Celsius or Fahrenheit (Range: -50°C~800°C/-58°F~1472°F)
  • VARIOUS USAGERS - Practical for both indoors and outdoors use. Use it in the kitchen and storage Room for any instant surface temperature measurements, scan for insulation leaks & cold air source in your home, or check your cars cooling system, catalytic converter and so on.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY - Risk Free Returns within 30 Days. Service of technical support and usage guidance. AD6530B are in accordance with FDA,FCC,ROHS,ETL,CE,EN1326,EN60825 standard.

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