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On our site u can find a comperison of Food Domes and we show u where u can buy Food Domes online 2017 for the best price. Also we show u what is the best Food Domes in 2o17.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Latest Cheese Grater With Food Storage Container. Ranked No.1 Grater for Hard & Soft Cheeses Like Parmesan, Vegetables Or Zest Lemons. Ideal Utensil For Your Kitchen
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - The Chef Remi Multifunction Food Grater comes with a 100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee. You won't get this lifetime guarantee from other big brands. Try It RISK FREE Today!
  • RAZOR SHARP STAINLESS STEEL BLADES - professional quality gadget that makes light work of food prep for everyone. Fine and coarse grates will cut through food like a knife. Ideal for cucumber, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, onion, potato, zucchini and other vegetables.
  • GRATE BUTTER AND SEMI HARD TO HARD CHEESES - Best utensil for Parmesan, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Wisconsin, Bergenost, Colby-Jack, Edam, Locatelli, Liederkranz, Muenster and more.
  • ZESTER AND GRINDER: Ideal for orange, lemon, other citrus fruits, apple, coconut, chocolate, bread, almonds, nuts, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, and other spices and herbs, and all your cooking needs
  • NONSLIP, SAFE DESIGN, EFFICIENT STORAGE & EASY TO CLEAN - Will not slip on kitchen surfaces. Grate at a horizontal angle for comfort, will not cause shredding of knuckles. Multi-grater comes with attachable container base to hold food for mess-free grating, with securely fitting snap on lid. Dishwasher safe, or easily washed with soap and water.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Bee's Wrap Set of 3 Assorted Size Wraps, Purple
  • Assorted set includes a Small (18 x 20 cm/7 x 8 inch), Medium (25 x 28 cm/10 x 11 inch) and Large (33 x 35 cm/13 x 14 inch) wrap
  • Features Clover Print design
  • This best-selling assorted three pack provides a versatile introduction to Bee's Wrap
  • Handmade using organic cotton, sustainably harvested bees wax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin
  • Reduce your carbon footprint - Bee's Wrap are fully biodegradable and compostable
SaleBestseller No. 3
Multifunctional 6 in 1 Cake Stand and Dome | dine@drinkstuff Cake Dome, Punch Bowl, Salad Bowl, Chip & Dip Server, Serving Stand, Food Dome
  • Multi-functional, this cake and serving stand is made from an ultra-clear SAN Plastic
  • Not just for serving cake the stand's cake plate can be inverted and utilised as a sectional Chip 'n' Dip Server
  • Or flip the dome and plate and transform it from a cake dome to a punch bowl
  • If punch isn't your thing, the inverted cake dome could be used to serve salad and vegetables
  • Hand wash only
SaleBestseller No. 4
MasterClass Cheese Melting Dome/Burger Steamer Lid, 22.5 cm (9 inch) - Metallic
  • The secret to that American diner taste; it ensures burgers cook quickly and are deliciously moist with a layer of gooey melted cheese
  • Just pop this burger lid on your patty as it cooks; it traps heat and moisture to provide the ideal cooking/melting conditions
  • A real time-saver very versatile; use it to cook ideal fried eggs, steam veg in the pan or keep dishes warm before serving
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel, it's safe for frying pans, griddles and barbecues (as well as the dishwasher)
  • The dome measures 22.5 cm (9 inch) wide by 10.5 cm (4 inch) tall; it comes with MasterClass's 5 year guarantee
Bestseller No. 5
Cymax 4 Pack Large and Strong Pop Up Mesh Screen Food Cover Tent,17 Inches Reusable and Collapsible Outdoor Food Cover,Food Protector Tent Keep Out Flies, Bugs, Mosquitoes
  • Comes in 4 pieces in package box,measures around 17"L x 17"W and 11"Tall after opened,serving dishes up to 16" diameter.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Our food cover tents are made from highly durable and nontoxic Organza Net with the base stand made from zinc-plated steel wire. Additionally, each pop-up food tent is equipped with a special bottom band extension to protect against ants and other crawling insects, so your food is completely covered, day or night.
  • FANCY BOTTOM BAND FOR EXTRA PROTECTION: These mesh food covers will guard your delectable dishes against annoying fruit flies, mosquitoes and all sorts of crawling bugs with this SMART and EFFICIENTLY DESIGNED pop up food cover tent that features a SPECIAL BOTTOM BAND for additional protection from ants and crawling insects. Finally, you can enjoy a fun BBQ or picnic in the garden safely and carefree.
  • TOP QUALITY ORGANZA NET SCREEN THAT LASTS: This set of 4 pop up food dome covers is made from DURABLE YET FLEXIBLE, HIGH QUALITY ORGANZA NET that promises to last for a long time in outside use, like mesh screen food cover tents should do. Forget about your old, flimsy, good for nothing mesh food covers that were ruined after the first picnic. These mesh cover tents are COMPLETELY WASHABLE, so you don't have to worry about cleaning them.
  • TOTAL PROTECTION GUARANTEE: If you have any problems with your set during the first year of use, simply let us know and we'll promptly send you a replacement. Of course, if you're not thrilled with your purchase, we also offer our 30-day refund guarantee. Order today and put your food safety fears in the rear-view mirror with these picnic food screens from Cymax
Bestseller No. 6
Rammento Multifunctional 5 in 1 Cake Stand and Dome. Wedding Cake Dome, Punch Bowl, Salad Bowl, Chip & Dip Server, Serving Stand, Food Dome
  • Made from San Plastic Versatile Multi-Purpose Clear Cake Stand perfect for displaying party food and the delicious cakes you've homemade
  • Cake Dome / Display Stand - (approx.) 30cm Diameter, Height 21cm, Dome Height Approx 11cm
  • Can be used as either a Chip and Dip Platter, or a Punch Bowl, or a Salad Bowl, or a Cake Platter, or cake display. The ideas are endless
  • Inverts into a Punch/Fruit bowl, simply by turning it upside down. Flexibility ideal for parties and hosting Excellent for small kitchens without room for separate platters and bowls
  • Lightweight Handwash Only
SaleBestseller No. 7
KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Airtight Cake Storage Tin / Cake Dome, 28.5 x 18 cm - Antique Cream
  • Keep your baked cakes fresh and delicious for longer in this delightful steel cake tin
  • The lid has a silicone seal which helps keep cakes fresh. You can even use it to store and feed Christmas cakes, ready for the big day
  • Lightweight and durable design, with a classic Antique Cream powder-coated finish. As a final touch, it's printed with the word "CAKE"
  • Clever 2-part design, with a flat base and tall domed lid. You can separate the base and use it as a cake serving platter
  • Also available in Vintage Blue and French Grey. With a 12 month guarantee
Bestseller No. 8
Metal Handle Cake Dome 30cm | Plastic Cake Dome, Cake Cover, Food Cover, Plate Cover
  • Metal handled cake dome
  • Perfect for presenting cakes
  • Keep your cakes fresh
  • Holds cakes less than 30cm in diameter
  • Made from high impact styrene
SaleBestseller No. 9
KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Airtight Cake Storage Tin/Cake Dome, 28.5 x 18 cm - Vintage Blue
  • Keep your baked cakes fresh and delicious for longer in this delightful steel cake tin
  • The lid has a silicone seal which helps keep cakes fresh; you can even use it to store and feed Christmas cakes, ready for the big day
  • Lightweight and durable design, with an elegant Vintage Blue powder-coated finish; as a final touch, it's printed with the word Cake
  • Two part design, with a flat base and tall domed lid; you can separate the base and use it as a cake serving platter
  • Also available in Antique Cream and French Grey; with a 12 months guarantee
Bestseller No. 10
New Soda Bit Pots / Stackable Leftover Pots, Set of 2, Lemon / Lime
  • Perfectly-sized pots for storing leftover food such as lemons, limes, tomatoes, onions, salad dressings etc
  • Uniquely designed to stack in the fridge door rather than on the fridge shelf - no more knocking stuff over when reaching for something else
  • Stack both ways - with the lid down as a citrus keeper or upright as a traditional storage container
  • Lock securely together - won't come apart unless pulled
  • More than 2 pots can be stacked together - ideal for saving space in crowded cupboards

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