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On our site u can find a comperison of Electronic Diaries and we show u where u can buy Electronic Diaries online 2017 for the best price. Also we show u what is the best Electronic Diaries in 2o17.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Password Journal Nine with Invisible Ink and Black Light
  • It also includes an invisible ink pen and a black light to reveal your private writing. The black light is a dual reading light, too, so you can write anytime, anywhere.
  • There is also a hidden compartment to store your super-secret stuff.
  • My Password Journal inspires hours of creative writing, fun reflection and is the coolest, most private journal ever!
  • Paper notebook included.
  • Colours and decorations may vary.
Bestseller No. 2
VTech Pink Secret Safe Diary
  • Fully safety tested
  • New colour screen Secret Safe Diary
  • Features a 0.3 Mp camera, a visual diary using your photos, photo editing, PC connection and more
  • Also, features a QWERTY keyboard and activity shortcut buttons, clock and secret drawer
  • 20 activities that include a virtual pet, photo diary, personal organiser and 4 x AA batteries required
Bestseller No. 3
Girl Tech Password Journal 8 with Voice recognition, Invisible ink pen & dual reading/glow light
  • This stylish electronic journal offers the utmost privacy and protection, so girls can safely express their thought
  • The password journal is equipped with voice recognition technology so it identifies your voice and only opens when you say the password!
  • Inside girls will find a notebook and an invisible ink pen whose writing is revealed with a glow light (included)
  • Look behind the notebook for a secret compartment to keep special mementos safe, Record your own greetings, signoffs and alerts
  • Includes one journal, one notebook, one invisible ink pen and dual reading/glow light
Bestseller No. 4
For iPhone 6 Plus /6S Plus Case, Coffeetreehouse Luxurious Series Anti Scratch Transparent Ultra Thin Colorful Plating Gradient Rainbow Designed Printed Drawing TPU Protective Case Cover for iPhone 6 Plus /6S Plus(parallel lines)
  • Compatible Models: iPhone 6 Plus /6S Plus.
  • Material: TPU Silicone, Anti-Friction, Durable, Shockproof.
  • Design: Creative glitter shiny rainbow clear case makes your phone bling bling different with others and we provide designed a lots of picture for you to choose.
  • Features: Honeycomb shape phone cover edge, protect the edge of the phone and the camera hole, anti-collision, anti-corrosion and wear resistance.
  • Function:Protect your phone from scratch, fingerprints and bumps, keeping your phone in like-new condition.
Bestseller No. 5
VTech Secret Safe Diary Mini Diary
  • Pocket-sized voice activated secret diary(Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 14 x 22 cm) - record your own password
  • Features a QWERTY keyboard and activity shortcut buttons and alarm clock
  • Create over 700 entries for your diary
  • Activities include a virtual pet, plant growing game and personal organiser
  • Great games that cover typing, maths, logic, problem solving and creativity
Bestseller No. 6
Project Mc2 514 529293 "A.D.I.S.N." Journal Toy
  • Here's your chance to interact directly with NOV8, the super secret, seriously cool organization of awesome girls on missions!
  • Use the ring to unlock the notebook (don't worry it you lose it, there's a button, too!) for fun mystery mission game play
  • Hear 2 recorded greetings
  • Fits a smart phone to interact with NOV8 and the Project Mc2 website!
  • Aspirational and effortlessly cool
Bestseller No. 7
Mattel BCF51 Ever After High Secret Hearts Diary
  • Keeps secrets safe - each side only opens with the girl's specially recorded password
  • Diary has two different compartments for the Royal and Rebel sides of her story
  • Hexquisitely decorated with lux details, rich colours, and golden accents
  • Toy
  • Mattel
Bestseller No. 8
Password Journal 8
  • • Password Journal's sleek and modern design features three levels of security
  • • Only opens with your daughter's specially recorded password
  • • She can also record a greeting, signoff, and intruder alert with her own voice
  • • A hidden compartment is perfect for storing super-secret stuff
  • • Use the invisible ink pen to write private thoughts, then reveal the words with the glow light
SaleBestseller No. 9
Frozen Electronic Secret Diary
  • Electronical diary and key fob opening system
  • Invisible ink pen and a key fob with ultraviolet light
  • Alarmed diary prevents intruders
  • Set requires 3 x AA batteries (not included) and 1 x AG13 battery
  • Suitable from 3 years old
Bestseller No. 10
Girl Tech Monster High Password Journal 7
  • Sleek and modern design features 3 levels of security
  • Only opens with your daughter's specially recorded password
  • A hidden compartment is perfect for storing super-secret stuff
  • Use the invisible ink pen to write private thoughts, then reveal the words with the glow light
  • Journal encourages your daughter's self-expression and creativity

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