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On our site u can find a comperison of Electric Massagers and we show u where u can buy Electric Massagers online 2017 for the best price. Also we show u what is the best Electric Massagers in 2o17.

Bestseller No. 1
Multi-speed Power Wand Massager vibrator
  • ❤Relieve muscle fatigue to improve the sub-key health, to the shoulder, neck, back, waist, legs, all parts of the body massage
  • ❤Simulation of people kneading massage techniques, intelligent control
  • ❤Exquisite packaging / is your home travel, gifts of friends and relatives to share health care
  • ❤Heating function- relieve pain due to chronic blood circulation problems.
  • ❤Deep Powerful Massage :The Massager Shiatsu is very effecient to relieve pain with the special design of 8 levels to massage with different level of speed and power
SaleBestseller No. 2
Naipo Neck Pillow Massage Deep Shiatsu Kneading Massager Shoulder Back Massager Pillow with Heat for Home Car Office
  • 4 DEEP-KNEADING MASSAGE NODES--This deep shiatsu neck massage with 4 shiatsu rolling nodes work wonders to relieve knotty muscles,back aches and better blood circulation. It also alleviates pains associated with muscle tenderness.Our specially designed massage heads mimic the kneading and penetrating motions of a real massage therapist's hands
  • HEATING FUNCTION--The heating function adds an extra touch of muscle-soothing intensity,helping you relax by enhancing blood circulation.Together with over heat protection and 20 minutes auto shut-off,it gives you a more safer relaxation
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN--Unique W-shape design fits perfectly against the contoured shape of your neck. Perfect to use on your lower upper back, neck, abdomen, calf, and thigh areas.What's more, the heads of the massage pillow will auto change between forward and backward movement to give the optimum massage
  • PROTABLE--This massage pillow have adjustable strap fixed to your favorite posture to ensure the most comfort possible. Comes complete with a UK power adapter and a car adapter. Whether at home or in a car, enjoy your deep shiatsu massage everywhere
  • 24-MONTH WARRANTY--You can return this deep-kneading massage pillow within 30 days of purchase to receive a FULL REFUND for any reason. We're also offering a 24-month warranty for quality-related issues.Make you totally risk free
Bestseller No. 3
Rio Deluxe Foot Bath and Spa with Roller Massager, Hydro Jets, Vibration Massage and Aromatherapy Diffuser
  • 5 in 1 multifunction deluxe foot spa
  • Reflexology foot massager
  • Hydro therapy jets and vibration massage
  • Water heating to maintain temperature
  • Infrared LEDs & Aromatherapy diffuser
SaleBestseller No. 4
SaleBestseller No. 5
Comfort Supplies Premium Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat ✮ Soothing Shiatsu Pillow for Neck / Back / Shoulder Massage ✮ One Year Warranty
  • ✮ RELIEVE MUSCLE PAIN & TIGHTNESS -- The Comfort Supplies Premium Shiatsu Massage Cushion is equipped with 4 deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes which help alleviate muscle pain and tightness. Sit back and relax whilst the 4 deep-kneading massage nodes blissfully work on your neck, shoulder, upper back, lower back, thigh and calf areas.
  • ✮ RELAXING HEATING FUNCTION -- Infrared Heating function which blissfully soothes aching muscles and promotes blood circulation.
  • ✮ DUAL DIRECTION -- Clockwise & Counterclockwise Rotating Nodes which offer a complete Shiatsu massage experience.
  • ✮ VERSATILE STRAP -- Adjustable Velcro Strap which secures the cushion to your favourite chair allowing you to enjoy a deep shiatsu massage wherever you may be.
  • ✮ 24 MONTH WARRANTY -- SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! -- We offer a 30 day money back guarantee in which you can return your massage cushion for any reason. We also offer a 24 month manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind. . The cushion comes complete with a UK certified mains power adapter and a FREE in car adapter for when you're on the go!
SaleBestseller No. 6
Sektoy Therapeutic Wand Massager Waterproof Elegant Power USB Rechargeable Electric Handheld Cordless ,Wireless ,Massage 10 Powerful Speeds & 20 Pulsating Patterns Vibration For Muscle Aches & Sports Recovery (Pink)
  • Multi-speed - This massager features 10 different speed settings; from a gentle pulse to soothe, all the way up to a powerful massage.
  • Pinpoint Accuracy - The massager features two flexible tips that can direct the therapeutic sensations to specific areas, relieving any aches, pains and fatigue.
  • Leaving you much more relaxed and relieved after your personalised massage therapy, right in the comfort of your own home.
  • High-Grade silicone and ABS plastic - This massager is completely waterproof, long lasting, and designed for ultimate relief from fatigue and pains.
  • The massager is powered via a USB cable.
SaleBestseller No. 7
MARNUR Shiatsu Back Neck Massager Electric Shoulder Massager with Heat Deep Kneading Tissue Massage for Muscle Pain Relief Relaxtion on Office Home Car
  • BIDRECTIONAL FEATURE-- The head rotation of the neck shoulder massager is bidirectional so you can adjust the direction of it in you require. The shoulder shiatsu massager can also automatically adjust the direction while you are using it ,which are 2 shiatsu massager directions: Clockwise rotation and anticlockwise rotation, making you have a more experience when you use the shoulder back massager
  • HEATED FUNCTION-- 8 rotating shiatsu massage heads that admit the heat, and The back massager with heat uses due to the heat massager wil be more direct and efficient to relax yourself and relieve back pain or another pain you met
  • TIMER MASSAGER-- The back and shoulder massager has a 15 minute timer and 3 speeds of the shoulder massager modes(high, middle and low) cater to your needs, you could enjoy the different shiatsu back massager kneading experience
  • DEEP-KNEADING SHIATSU MASSAGER--8 nodes provide deep-kneading massager, which uses the shiatsu technique which is a deep-kneading type of massage. In shiatsu massager therapy, pressure with shoulder massager, thumbs massage, hands massage, knees massage, back massager neck massager or feet amssage is applied to pressure points on the body massager
  • POWERFUL MASSAGER--This neck and shoulder massager can be adjusted to work on all areas of the body massager delivering the same relief to all your tired and achy muscle,what's more, the shoulder massager works by placing it around your neck and putting your hands in the straps provided, the stronger you pull on those straps the harder it massages
SaleBestseller No. 8
Sektoy Mini Therapeutic Vibrator Massager, Waterproof Rechargable Wireless ,Personal Wand Massage, Best Gift for Body ,Muscle Aches & Sports Recovery
  • RELAXATION - The Cooolll massager relieves strained muscles or pain. It improves blood circulation, relaxes after stress and simply pleasant
  • ALL DREIT - A wireless device based on a long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Full mobility - massage at home, at the car, at the park or at the office. Note:
  • UPER MUTE & POWERFUL & LONG-LIVE & WATERPROOF. Easy to clean and easy to control.
  • UBICALLY - Mix on any hard-to-reach part of the body on the right places and intensity.
  • SOME YEAR - Deep tissue massages, 10 speeds, automatic massage direction changes,
SaleBestseller No. 9
MARNUR Wireless Wand Massager Waterproof Handheld Electric Massager with 25 Vibration Patterns for Back Neck Shoulder Massage and Relieve Stress & Sports Recovery
  • Strongest Vibration Massager & Cordless --The electric wand massager will bring you strong wand vibration sense, which concentrates power to your neck massager, back massager, lower back massager, shoulder massager and foot massager, what's more, the wireless wand massager is more convenience for you to use it anywhere.
  • Flexible Massager-- The neck massager wand cushioned seamless massage head with bendable neck for flexible ,what's more, the hand massager will bring you a marvelous massage experience
  • Waterproof Function --The electric massagers handheld is water resistant, so you can clean the waterproof wand massager periodically,but we recommend you don't put the electric massager in the water
  • Quiet & Various Patterns--The quiet massage will cycle through 25 modes of wand vibration. Whether you want a relaxing massage experience or a deep tissue massager, the electric massager wand will meet your satisfied
  • USB Rechargeable & Long-lasting--The massage wand usb use the USB rechargeable, what's more it is aslo a battery operated massage, which is more convenience for you to use when you go outside, thoughtful design of the hand massager give you the perfect full body wand massager for travel
SaleBestseller No. 10
3D Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder Deep-Kneading Massager with Heat and Vibration Therapy for Foot, Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • 4 DEEP-KNEADING MASSAFE BALLS: 3D Shiatsu kneading massager, match the human body engineering design. 4 deep-kneading shiatsu massage heads relief your tired and aching muscles.
  • SHIATSU & VIBRATION FUNTION: Shiatsu massager will deeply kneading your aching muscle just like human hands. One-button-control for vibration function, helps you to relax hands muscle.
  • HEAT THERAPY: Warm function control separately, promote the blood circulation effectively.
  • 3 SPEED CONTROL: The massager has different kneading speed: Medium, Fast and Slow. U shaped, arm design, strong or gentle type, strength is decided by yourselves. Clockwise and anti-clockwise kneading automatic conversion system.
  • SAFE GUARANTEED: It is recommended to use the massager 15 minute each time. Our product will closed automatically after 15 minutes with the safety of the overheating protection device.

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