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On our site u can find a comperison of Buffing Wheels and we show u where u can buy Buffing Wheels online 2017 for the best price. Also we show u what is the best Buffing Wheels in 2o17.

Bestseller No. 1
Pro-Max Sisal Metal Polishing Buffing Wheel 6" x 1"
  • Great Quality Pro-Max Sisal Polishing Buffing Wheels
  • Made From The Finest Dry Sisal
  • Ideal For First Cut & Flattening
  • Close Stitch Means Wheels Last Longer
SaleBestseller No. 2
Dremel SpeedClic Buffs Medium and Coarse
  • Dremel SpeedClic abrasive buffs, medium and coarse - for precise and delicate material removal on metal, glass, wood and plastic
  • The flexible material enables you to work on tight and irregularly shaped areas
  • Can also be used with mandrel 402
  • Quick, easy, keyless
Bestseller No. 3
Round Polish Buffing Wheel Cotton Pad 1/2 Inch x 6 Inch 50 Ply White
  • Product Name : Buffing Wheel;Color : White
  • Hole Diameter : 12mm / 0.5"(1/2");Wheel Size : 150 x 15mm/6" x 0.6" (D*T)
  • Ply Quantity : 50;Material : Plastic, Cotton Blends
  • Net Weight : 95g
  • Package Content : 1x Buffing Wheel
Bestseller No. 4
UCTOP STORE 10pcs 1" Fit Dremel Rotary Tool Accessory Soft Fine Wool Polishing Buffing Wheels
  • Very nice for buffing and polishing all types of jewelry and precious metals
  • For use with most Rotary Tools that accept 1/8" Shank
  • Material: Fine Wool. Shank Dia: 1/8 inch (approx 3mm)
  • Wheel Dia: 25mm
  • Shank Length: 42mm
Bestseller No. 5
Bolpol STITCHED COTTON Buffing Wheel - Firm 2 Section Polishing Mop 8" x 1" (200mm x 25mm) C200/2
  • bolpolTM Stitched Cotton Wheel - 8" x 2 Section ( approx 1 inch wide ) C200/2
  • 200mm diameter x 25mm wide - all dimensions are approximate
  • Suitable for low & high speed polishing. A general purpose buffing wheel to polish Metal and Hard Plastics etc.
  • Sale is for one wheel in the size as quoted
  • Bolpol wheels are made in the UK
Bestseller No. 6
Scotchbrite Fibral Mops Bike Pre Polishing Kit60 Matt Brush Finish On Alloy- UK Made
  • UK Made in our Factory
  • Scotchbrite Fibral Mops
  • Satin finish Alloys and other metals
  • Easy to use with a drill
  • 4 mops and a taper mandrel with 6mm spindle
Bestseller No. 7
YCNK 33PCS Felt Polishing Pad Buff Clean Wheels & Point Mandrel Buff for Rotary Dremel
  • Rotary Tool Accessories Set Kit Felt Polishing Wheel Grinding Sanding Tool
  • Widely used in the micro- electronic devices, and other industries.
  • Fit for your polishing need, can use for metal and nonmetal materials.
  • Suitable for metal surface cleaning, derusting, grinding, dusting, deburring, polishing, stripping residue.
  • Package: 10pcs Felt Pad Wheel (1/2-inch diameter) 10pcs Felt Pad Wheel (1-inch diameter) 10pcs Felt Polishing Tip (3/8-inch diameter tappered) 3pcs Mandrel (1/8" shank size)
Bestseller No. 8
48 Pieces 1" 25mm 1/8" Shank Mix Grit Abrasive Buffing Polishing Wheels Burr For Proxxon Dremel Rotary Tools
  • Package Of 48Pcs ,Come With Plastic Box. Include 12 of each grit: Brown 80Grit; Green 150Grit; Red 240Grit; Black 300Grit
  • Suitable for most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, castings, welded joints, rivets, rust, stone, glass
  • Used with most rotary tools including DREMEL, Craftsman, Chicago and more
  • Accessories for fine detail work on jade, ceramic, glass, wood, hardened steel, cast iron, stainless steel
  • Diameter:1-Inch (25mm); Shank:1/8-Inch (3mm)
Bestseller No. 9
Bolpol STITCHED COTTON Buffing Wheel - Firm 4 Section Polishing Mop 6" x 2" (150mm x 50mm) C150/4
  • bolpolTM Stitched Cotton Wheel - 6" x 4 Section ( 2" )
  • 150mm x 50mm - all dimensions are approximate
  • Suitable for low & high speed polishing.
  • A general purpose buffing wheel to polish Metal and Hard Plastics etc.
  • Sale is for one wheel in the size as quoted - Bolpol wheels are made in the UK
Bestseller No. 10
Bolpol - SISAL Buffing wheel / Polishing Mop ( 2 inch x 3/4" ) 50mm x 18mm approx S50/2
  • 50mm diameter x 18mm (approx)
  • Coarse buffing wheel
  • For 1st stage metal polishing and heavy duty cleaning of hard metals like iron, steel and non ferrous metals
  • Used for removing tooling, casting and grinding marks and for rust removal etc.
  • Bolpol products are made in the UK

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