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On our site u can find a comperison of Baritone Horns and we show u where u can buy Baritone Horns online 2017 for the best price. Also we show u what is the best Baritone Horns in 2o17.

Bestseller No. 1
Roy Benson MOD.BH-302BB 3 Plus 1 Ventile Lacquered Finish Baritone with Light Weight Form Shaped Case
  • 12,8 - 13,5 mm bore, Yellow brass body, Bell Ø 21 cm
  • Gold brass leadpipe, Nickel silver outer slides
  • 4 valves (3 top, 1 side action), Stainless steel pistons
  • Water key on 3rd valve slide, Lacquered finish
  • Light weight form shaped case
SaleBestseller No. 2
Eastman® EBH-511 Baritone Horn in Bb (with Case and Mouthpiece) (Eastman® EBH-511)
  • Eastman® EBH-511 Baritone Horn in Bb
  • brass body, lacquered, 3 perinet valves in stainless steel, Red brass leadpipe, nickel silver slides
  • Bore: 13,5 mm, Bell-Diameter: 230mm, Height: 58cm
  • Case with backpack straps, cleaning accessories and mouthpiece included
Bestseller No. 3
Student Baritone Horn by Gear4music
  • Includes Silver Plated Mouthpiece
  • Gold Lacquer Finish
  • Quality Intonation & Light Easy Response
  • Comes With Mouthpiece and Lightweight Hard Case
SaleBestseller No. 4
Sonata Student Bb Baritone
  • Premium quality starter bb baritone horn.
  • Robust construction, british style.
  • Non compensating.
  • Rose brass lead pipe increases warmth and quality of sound.
  • High quality case with accessory pocket and backpack style straps.
Bestseller No. 5
Student Baritone Horn + Complete Pack by Gear4music
  • Includes Music Stand and Care Kit
  • Quality Intonation & Light Easy Response
  • Gold Lacquer Finish Student Baritone Horn
  • Mouthpiece and Carry Case Enclosed
Bestseller No. 6
Stagg 21193 Bb French Horn with Soft Case
  • Beginners french horn in the key of f, has 3 high quality responsive rotary valves and good quality soft case
  • Bell is detachable and the finish is in a clear lacquer. this instrument is great for any beginner young or old!
  • Specifications: body in brass, clear lacquer.
  • Bell: 315mm or 12.4in.
  • Bore: 11,5mm or 0.452in
SaleBestseller No. 8
Aklot Bb Baritone Horn Silver Plated Mouthpiece Gold Lacquered Brass Body Stainless Steel Valves with Case
  • Best Material to Guarantee you a Best Quality: After Thousands Experiment Then We Get the Best Choice,Light Weight, Well Resonance,Less Impurities , Pure Sound.and Durable Quality.
  • Superb Manufacturing to Ensure you a Best Playing Experience : 9.06 " Bell and 0.53" Bore ,with 3 Stainless Piston ,and Gold Lacquered Surface Treatment ,Finally Polishing with Waxing ,This Baritone Horn Will Makes Feel The Beauty of Metal.
  • High Grade Part Configuration can Meet Most of Your Requirements,Professional Tuning Pipe ,Stainless Steel Piston ,Low Airflow Resistance Pipe Design , Original Silver Plated Mouthpiece
  • Special Thicker Pro-Deluxe Durable Plush Lined Canvas Covered Hard Shell Case with Backpack Straps and Zipper Pocket , You Can Take This Horn to Anywhere you Want to ,and No More Worries about Damage.
  • 2 Years Warranty Against Manufactures Defects to Solve Your Purchase Worries ,We Have the Confidence.
Bestseller No. 9
Eastman® EBH-711BS Fully Compensating Baritone Horn Bb Sib (Brassband Edition)
  • Eastman® EBH-711BS Fully Compensating Baritone Horn Bb Sib (Brassband Edition)
  • tuning: Bb; fully compensating
  • brass body, silver plated; monel valves; nylon valve guides
  • bell: 9.56'', bore: 0.51''
  • mouthpiece, valve oil, cleaning cloth, hard case with shoulder straps included
Bestseller No. 10
Tuyama® THS-376 Fully Compensating Baritone Horn (lacquered)
  • Tuyama® THS-376 Fully Compensating Baritone Horn (lacquered)
  • brass body, lacquered; monel valves, nylon valve guides
  • fully compensating
  • bell: 9.56'', bore: 0.51''
  • case, mouthpiece, cleaning accessories included

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